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Why Us?

we only recruit  the ones that have proven track record in the kitchen so that you don’t  face the daily struggles

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We keep promises

We’ll follow up with quality checks to ensure that you are completely satisfied.

We will look after you
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What they said

"I love the easy and professional method they have in order to hire a a chef! " - Dhru

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Location and time

We offer a 24 hour service,  seven days a week service, to Hotels,  Restaurants and Event  Catering companies  

We love traveling
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What we give to you

At ChefWise we understand that every client has  varying needs and that is why we provide a  bespoke service to each of our clients. 

Using our bank of professional candidates,  our knowledgeable and professional team can intuitively match you with the most suitable  person to your requirements.






Low costs


Why ChefWise

We Have Great Chefs

All of the chefs that we give to you are all fully trained and qualified ensuring you get the best chef for the job!

Competitve pricing

We will ensure you get exactly what you pay for and will price match any other companies that offer the same service as us


We will always assist you until the chef stops working and you are completely satisfied with your experience

Quick and easy

When you need staff on a contract  or temporary basis it’s also likely  that you need to  fill the position as quickly as possible.

Work non-stop

Unlike other companies we work 24 hours a day 7 days a week which means we are continuously working around the clock and we also work during all public holidays!

Weekly assessments of chefs

We will get a review from you as the owner and based on the review we will speak to our chefs to ensure that they are meeting your standards effectively

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Years of experience


% Quality we give

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